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New Exhibition Coming to G-West!

Underwater Photography Exhibition

17 & 18 August, G-West Gallery

First exhibition of underwater photographies, created through the collaboration of Mermaid Deepblue with photographers Pia Oyarzun (Made In Water project), Jim Nemer and Mandy Herzog.

The exhibition, largely focused on interactions with reef sharks underwater, aims at raising awareness for their defense, with proceeds from the event going to the Shark Trust. Photographies were realised in open water or water tanks, in the Bahamas and the UK. The photographies with sharks were taken in the open water and without protection cage.

Mermaid Deepblue has developed over time her mermaid activities in order to help defend these animals who suffer from a bad reputation. She will be available at specific times during the day for a "Meet & Greet" with children. It is possible to take a picture with her for an additional donation of your choice !

Entrance fees (going to charity): adult £3, child £2

Fri 17th August 10am-10pm

Sat 18th August 10am-5pm




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